What Inspires a Lodging Owner to Cater to a Niche Market?

    People are different, that’s a given. However, the impetus that makes someone choose to cater to the desires and pursuits that differentiate others is often far simpler—a genuine interest. 

    At Treebones Resort, living in close proximity to a pristine natural environment is not only a pillar upon which the resort stands, but also a resource it wishes to share. Inspired by a honeymoon trip along the central coast, the Handys (Owners and Founders of Treebones Resort) were inspired to continue living in the pristine environment and to share that experience with their visitors. So, they decided to take their guests glamping. 

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    Photo Credit: Kurt Simonson

    Glamping Luxurious Camping Blended with the Experience of Outdoor Camping

    By designing and providing modern amenities in a natural setting, Treebones offers guests an opportunity to experience nature in ways they never would have before. For many people, the thought of sleeping on the ground in a tent would be prohibitive to spending time in a natural setting. So, Treebones offers guests the best of both worlds, comfort and tranquility. At Treebones, guests can experience the wonders of the outdoors from the comfort of a warm bed. Due to the construction of the Treebones yurts, when visitors settle in to sleep at night, they can listen the patter of rain as it falls and when they rise in the morning, they can see the sun’s rays slowly creeping down the tops of trees. In other words, guests at Treebones can experience some of the best that camping has to offer in one of the most pristine locations in California, without the hassle of foregoing all creature comforts. 

    In addition to the scenic and auditory beauty that Treebones offers from every yurt, the Handy’s know how to help guests engage with nature the minute they step outside. Be it hikes through state parks, beachcombing along the local shores, yoga in nature, or seasonal whale watching, the folks at Treebones have figured out the best ways to connect with the local environment through trial and error, and they get to share them with their guests.  

    Not Just Your Home Away from Home It’s Their Home, Too

    Photo Credit: Kurt Simonson

    Not content to simply enjoy nature while they work at Treebones, the Handy family lives on site at Treebones. The Handy family’s passion for living in and sharing nature is not just a day job, but a way of life that they choose to share with others. It is this passion for the outdoors that enables the Treebones staff and Handy family to understand what guests want, because it is what they would want if they were guests. This outlook is what helps direct new programs and facilities. When guests or staff make suggestions on ways to improve the resort’s connection with nature, the Handys know just what they mean.

    Showing the World 

    Since Treebones is in a remote location with a focus on promoting access to nature, protecting that nature, and encouraging people to disconnect from the bustle of modern life—it fulfills the needs of a niche group of people. 

    To reach potential guests seeking a closer encounter with nature, Treebones relies on its unique room designs and activity offerings to draw attention from travel groups and publication. To supplement its broader message, Treebones relies on its high quality of service and social media presence to create a word of mouth reputation that draws visitors from around the world. Because of its effective marketing strategy, Treebones relies solely on direct bookings and frequently sells out during peak times.

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