CHLA Provides Extensive Training Resources for Our Members

    Training is an essential part of the responsibilities of an HR director, or a small property owner who is wearing an HR hat, along with many others. While larger properties can often rely on their corporate partners to provide training resources, that’s not the case for many independent or small properties. That’s why CHLA has assembled a wide range of training resources for use by our members, as well as significant discounts on some commercial training offerings.

    Here is a partial list of the most popular training resources from CHLA. We encourage you to take full advantage of them to ensure your staff is ready to help you meet federal, state, and local regulations as well as ensure you are providing a great guest experience for all.

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    Free Human Trafficking Training

    CHLA has partnered with BEST to provide free human trafficking training to CHLA members and their staff. BEST is the first nonprofit organization in the country dedicated entirely to working with businesses to disrupt human trafficking. BEST has provided consultation and training to hundreds of hotels focused on reducing human trafficking and mitigating the reputational, legal, and financial risks associated with it. BEST has trained thousands of hotel employees and equipped them to protect their hotel and employer from human trafficking.
    This 30-minute training is available to all CHLA members at no cost. Everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate and be in compliance with California Senate Bill 970, which requires that hotel and lodging employees who are likely to interact with victims of human trafficking undergo at least 20 minutes of human trafficking awareness training and education.

    Harassment Prevention Training

    The State of California requires companies with five or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training for both supervisory and non-supervisory roles. Existing employees should have completed this training as of January 1, 2021; training of new hires must occur within six months of hire or promotion. In addition, all managers and employees must complete the training course every two years.

    CHLA offers online compliance training courses provided by Traliant. They offer industry-leading online training courses for the hotel industry featuring modern, bite-sized episodes presented in a news-style format. The courses cover the topics of sexual harassment prevention, active shooter response, and blood-borne pathogens. Training is immersive with interactive videos and alternate endings highlighting real-world scenarios within a hotel setting. Traliant’s training is built to educate, influence, and motivate by training on appropriate behaviors and promoting a positive, respectful work environment. The CHLA price is $38 per person for three trainings.

    Service Animal Guidance & Training Video

    “We Welcome Service Animals” is a national campaign created by the California Hotel & Lodging Association Hospitality Foundation and made possible by funding from the American Hotel & Lodging Education Foundation and the American Express Foundation to teach people in the hospitality industry and law enforcement how to improve service to disabled guests who depend on service animals for assistance. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), hotels, motels, and restaurants are required to treat disabled customers with service animals like all other guests, providing them with the same service and access to all areas where other guests are allowed.

    ServSafe® Alcohol Responsible Beverage Service Online Training for California

    Beginning July 1, 2022, the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act began requiring anyone who serves alcohol, manages servers, delivers alcohol, takes orders, or checks IDs at a business that serves alcohol on-site to be trained to serve alcohol legally and safely to the public. The law authorizes the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to establish the Responsible Beverage Server Training Program (RBSTP). CHLA members can receive an additional 20% off the $15 per person training. Details are available in the CHLA Members Area of the website.

    Webinar Recordings in the Member-Only Section in the Webinar Archive

    In addition to our other training resources, CHLA members are encouraged to view recordings of the more than two dozen webinars we’ve hosted this year. These informative recordings are posted in the webinar archives in the CHLA member only section. The available topics now include:

    • The Secret Sauce to Driving Direct Bookings Via Your Hotel’s Website
    • Cloud-based solutions and the future of hospitality
    • Alert Card Compliance for Hotels
    • Leveraging your PMS and Channel Manager to Strengthen Your Distribution Strategy
    • Access Control Trends for Hoteliers
    • The Future of Hotel Safety
    • My Employee Just Switched Genders, Now What?
    • Maximizing The Total Guest Revenue Potential with Mobile Technology
    • How Guest Messaging Drives Loyalty, Higher Survey Scores, and Direct Bookings
    • Google This: “How to Turn $1,000 into $25,000”
    • How Payment Automation Relieves Staffing Issues
    • Hotel Masterclass: How to Make or Break Employee Retention
    • Post-COVID Recovery: How to Beat Inflation and Grow
    • Struggling with Staffing? A Workshop on Staffing, Retention, H-2B and J-1 Visas, and Seasonal Connect
    • Are Your Business Payments Safe?
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