CHLA Member Benefit Showcase

    Harassment Prevention Training

    The new year is bringing a suite of new goals, hazards, and state mandates. To help you get your staff prepared for 2020 and beyond, CHLA has partnered with EVERFI to provide members with access to high quality and low-cost training programs that fulfill California State requirements and will help your business thrive. These courses are available to members as a bundle for just $29 per seat, and include state mandated trainings such as harassment prevention programs, diversity and workplace inclusion courses, and bias prevention training.

    HARASSMENT PREVENTION Learn prevention and management techniques to combat harassment in the workplace. This course delivers dynamic content to help employees and management staff prevent harassment in the workplace and learn how to manage situations in which it occurs. This course is tailored to provide a unique experience based upon employee designation (supervisor or non-supervisor) and fulfills training requirements mandated by California State Law. Under California Assembly Bill 1825, all managers and supervisory staff must have completed harassment prevention training courses by January 1, 2020.

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    DIVERSITY: INCLUSION IN THE MODERN WORKPLACE Explore the nature of diversity and learn practical strategies for workplace inclusion. This course explores key concepts such as identity, power, privilege, and communication through the unique experiences of real people. By gaining a better appreciation for our shared experiences, our shared expectations of respect, and our shared need to belong and feel appreciated, employees are encouraged to identify how they can create more inclusive and accepting workplaces.

    MANAGING BIAS Study how bias affects the workplace and determine how you can negate it. Understanding bias in the workplace is the first step to managing it. This course defines bias, describes how it impacts the workplace, and encourages employees to use that knowledge to reduce the negative effects of bias. Employees will understand that biases have a bearing our actions, which can have real impacts on people, and that if left unchecked, biases can create unhealthy work environments. 

    For more information or to take advantage of your CHLA membership, please visit and register for these trainings in the “Members Only” section.

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