5 Types of Video to Create for Social Media

    By Jessica Lynn Hughes, Social Media and Content Specialist, RezStream

    By now you have already heard the impact that video is having on social media. With Facebook predicting that in 2019, video will represent 90% of their content, it is apparent that to keep your followers and potential guests engaged and listening, video is essential.

    While written content is great for a deep-dive into a subject and increasing search significance, video can build an effective connection with your guests. Video provides a visual that guests can connect and engage with in an easy-to-consume format.

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    But what are the ingredients for creating an engaging social media video? Think of it this way, travelers rarely travel for a practical purpose (unless for business). Emotions tend to play a big role in their vacation decision-making. When creating video content, tug at their heartstrings a bit by sharing inspiring stories, inspirational imagery, and unique experiences they can only have at your hotel.

    Not sure what type of video to create? Here are five ideas for producing engaging video that you can incorporate into your social media marketing strategy.

    Inspiring video
    Inspirational video offers beautiful, creative, artistic, and inspiring imagery of your hotel and surrounding area. This type of video is perfect to use when trying to capture potential guests early in the vacation planning process. Remember to always think aspirational and inspirational.

    Think about why others love vacationing in your area and why guests like staying at your hotel. Maybe you have a beachfront property, or a hotel located in the heart of downtown. These are both great opportunities to take a video of a beautiful sunrise or sunset at the beach or shoot a video of the nightlife and people strolling through the streets of downtown.

    Live video
    Best done through Facebook live, create a live video showing off what’s happening now at your hotel or in the area. Streaming live is not only a great way to showcase your hotel it is also an important opportunity to connect with your potential guests in the moment by encouraging them to ask questions during the video.

    Consider live streaming for a behind-the-scenes look at your hotel or highlight an event you are hosting. This is a great way to show off these moments in a more real and personal way. The key to this type of video is authenticity. Best captured using your smartphone, this can add a more personal touch vs. a professional video. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, your followers and potential guests aren’t expecting perfection.

    Video guidebook
    Establish and share your hotel’s local expertise through videos shared on social media. Today’s savvy traveler expects to be provided with the best local and personal experience. Set up yourself as the local expert by creating a video that highlights unique and fun things to do in the area.

    Is your area known for a certain event, cultural tradition, or restaurant? Create a video centered around one of these unique attractions or events. The key is to highlight the uniqueness of your area so travelers can get a taste of what they could experience when they stay at your hotel.

    Educational video
    Create a video of your hotel staff or concierge answering frequently asked questions about your hotel and the area. Often your staff are the guests’ go-to for questions they might have about the hotel and things to do, so why not create a video of your staff answering those questions before your guests even arrive. Not only does this type of video provide value but also offers a more personal touch than a general FAQ page you might have on your hotel’s website.

    Think about the common questions you are often asked, such as the best restaurants in town, best beaches, best wineries, etc. Create a video asking a knowledgeable hotel staff member these questions and them providing the answers.

    “Tell your story” video
    Probably the most obvious but often overlooked type of video for your hotel’s social media is telling your own story. Create a video that shows off what your hotel is about; the history, what makes your hotel unique, even the staff. The important piece to understand is not to simply tell them how great your hotel is, you need to show them.
    For example, show a staff member enjoying your room and property amenities, such as swimming in the pool or reading a book in one of your rooms. This way your potential guest can get a sense of what it is like to stay in your hotel.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating video for social media, but these five types are proven to be highly engaging and most receptive to eager travelers. So, get out there and start filming—just remember to press play!

    Jessica Lynn Hughes is the social media and content specialist at RezStream. Based in Denver, CO she spends her time traveling the world and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. As a writer and photographer, she has a passion for well-written stories, gorgeous photography and bringing these two together. When she is not working in the city you can find her in the mountains either hiking, backpacking, biking or running. Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook @jlhindesign.

    RezStream provides cutting-edge reservation software, results-based digital marketing, and conversion-driven websites to resorts, independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns.

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